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PayLog - a professional solution to tracking payments and reimbursements for Professional CDL Drivers. Make sure you get paid everything you are owed. PayLog tracks your payments and alerts you when your company short pays or fails to pay.
PayLog Data Entry 600
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PayLog's Data Entry Sheet

The sleep modern interface makes recording information fast and easy.

Color Coding

Color is used to help you analyze your information. Tan areas indicate you were paid. Blue indicates pending payments. Light red means a Short Pay.

Instant Help

Access Help anytime by hovering the cursor over the dark blue cells across the top of PayLog's Data Entry Sheet.

Say goodbye to clunky manuals! But, it you like them, it's included in the download.
Special Help
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Special Instructions 600
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Special Instructions

When certain cells are selected, PayLog features a Special Instructions pop up. In the illustration, PayLog is warning you not to make any entry in this cell.

Other Special Instructions

Special Instructions are also available when information needs to be entered in a way that PayLog will understand

By Trip Sheet

PayLog's By Trip Sheet complies all entries for each trip.

Special Reports

This sheet also features two recaps. One shows your total unpaid information. The other shows your total paid information.

PayLog shows the total number of trips and your average gross earning per trip.
PayLog By Trip Sheet 600
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By Payroll Sheet 600
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By Payroll Sheet

Get a bird's eye view of the last eight payrolls. Including the amount of any short pay for each payroll.

Correcting Short Pay

For most of us, eight weeks is enough to get any short pay problems straightened out. By Payroll reminds you of any outstanding problems for the last eight weeks.
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Fine Print

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Where's Your Money?

Are you getting paid everything your company owes? With PayLog you will know. PayLog is a sophisticated payment tracking and analysis program for company drivers. Chock full of features to make keeping track of your trips, miles, payments and reimbursements. Toss out that legal pad or those scraps of paper. PayLog will alert you to short and missing payments.

Includes automated reports by trip and by payroll. Short pay alerts appear automatically when you reconcile your pending payments with your paycheck or settlement sheet.
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If you use a paper logbook, you've been there - Logbook Hell!

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