Where's Your Money?

Get PayLog and Stop Wondering

PayLog tracks and keeps you up to date on all money you earn. Stop worrying about Short Pay. PayLog tracks Paid Miles, Other Pay and Reimbursable Expenses. Coming Soon!

PayLog Features

  • Easy Input
    Text fields remember previous entries and offer a list of suggestions you can click on instead of retyping.
  • Detailed Reports
    Easily analyze your pay by trip and by payroll with no work on your part.
  • Color Codes Identify Important Categories
    Paid items turn tan, unpaid remain blue. Short Pay items are flagged with red.
By Trip
By Payroll Sheet

PayLog's Three Main Sheets 1. Input, 2. By Trip, 3. By Payroll

More Features

  • Shortage Flags
    Payment shortages are flagged in red to stand out.
  • Easy Reconcilliations
    Easily compare expected pay with actual pay.
  • Built in Help
    Help is easily accessed by hovering the cursor over column titles.
  • Input Assistance
    PayLog displays instructions when entries require specific formats.
  • Eight Week Rolling By Payroll Report
    The By Payroll Sheet shows you a rolling view of the last eight payrolls. This gives you almost two months to work out Short Pay disputes.


  • Operating Systems
    Windows XP or better. Mac OS 10.5 or better.
  • Microsoft Excel for Windows
    For Window users, Excel 2007 or better.
  • Microsoft Excel for Mac
    For Mac users Excel 2011. Note: PayLog uses VB Macros so Excel 2008 will not work properly. Excel 2003 may work but has not been tested.
  • Processor
    Intel Core 2 Duo or better.
  • Storage
    Paylog's storage demands are minimal. The shipping file is less than 200KB
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