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Well, you may be interested in buying EZ-Log. Our Guide will give you a great preview. But, even if you aren't thinking about buying EZ-Log, our guide has some useful information for you in the HOS section.

HOS Made Simple

We boil HOS Rules down to a simple set of guidelines that will help you avoid HOS violations.

With EZ-Log and the HOS guidelines we reduced our personal logbook violations from more than a dozen each month to just one or two. Without fudging our logbooks!

We won't promise you will reduce your logbook violations as drastically as we did. EZ-Log played a large role in the reduction. However, any reduction in violations is a good thing.

If our Free Guide doesn't help you, we will gladly refund double your purchase price!

More Free Stuff Coming

EZ-Log plans on expanding our choice of Free Downloads. We hope to create a valuable resource for Professional Drivers. Check back soon.

PayLog - Coming Soon!

EZ-Log's next product. An amazingly easy trip settlement and payment reconciliation tool for Company Drivers. Aggressively priced at only $4.99! PayLog will give company drivers digital tools to keep track of pending income and reconcile payments with amounts the company owes. Easily spot overages and shortages in pay.

PayLog also keeps track of reimbursable expenses and other labor you perform for your company. As with trips, PayLog will let you know of any overage or shortages for these categories as well.

Finally, PayLogs features sophisticated reporting of things like unpaid and paid trips. Paid trips can be set to match your company's payroll dates. This makes it easy to see what is pending, what has been paid and if the payments match mileage allowances.

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