EZ-Log Screenshots

Screenshots of EZ-Log's clean and contemporary interface. Check out our Videos Page where you can get even more information.
EZ-Log Fullscreen

EZ-Log Work Window

Each window like this contains Grids for one month. Click on the image to see a larger version.

To the right of the Grid is the Mileage and Average Speed Calculator.
EZ-Log Grid

EZ-Log's Grid

EZ-Log's Grid is a computer graphic that mimics the grid from your paper logbook.
The lines are pre-drawn along the bottom. That's the green bar. We call it The Time Bar.

Sections that equal amounts of time on the paper logbook are selected from The Time Bar and dragged up to the corresponding Duty Status Line. EZ-Log does the math and you just copy the totals to your paper logbook when you are done.
EZ-Log Completed Grid

A Completed EZ-Log Grid

Here you see a completed Grid where The Time Bar has been moved to match The Duty Status lines on a paper logbook. To the right are the Duty Status Totals for the day.
EZ-Log Help

EZ-Log Help

Check out our amazing Point & Learn™ Help system. Got a question? Just point at a picture of EZ-Log and the answers instantly pop up under your cursor. It's almost as fast as a brain transfusion!
EZ-Log Totals

EZ-Log Totals

A closer look at the totals at the right of the Grid. The first column shows totals for each of the Duty Status lines. To the right of the Duty Status Totals, is the Total Hours Worked. EZ-Log uses Total Hours worked over in the Recap.
At the bottom, you can see a built in indicator that all 24 hours have been moved off the bottom line and onto the grid. This proves the day and is an indicator of problems if it doesn't show 24.00.
EZ-Log Mileage Calculator

Mileage & Average Speed

This screenshot is a closeup of The Mileage Calculator. It also illustrates how EZ-Log makes life easier for you by doing the extra keyboard work for you.

Type in today's ending Hub and EZ-Log instantly copies it to tomorrow's starting Hub reading.

Below the Total Miles is the Average Speed Calculation. Keep an eye on Average Speed - it could save you some money!
EZ-Log Recap

70 Hour Recap

This bit of magic lets you do some time travel tricks. Like see into the future.

Hours won't start falling off until the 20th. And we can see that if average days stay under ten a day, we won't want or need to Reset until we get back home.

The Recap can also warn when we are or soon will be short on hours. That really helps with Time Management.

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