EZ-Log for Fleets

Are you a small fleet operator engaged in long haul trucking operations? Maybe you wear the Safety Department Manager hat for a small fleet? EZ-Log could be an answer to some of your Safety Department's driver logbook and compliance issues.

Mutual Benefits

Both your company and your drivers may benefit from fewer violations due to things like simple math errors.

EZ-Log has been shown to significantly reduce math errors when compared to manual calculations. Any reduction in violations is good for your company. Excess violations attract attention and invite intervention by regulatory agencies. High rates of violations can potentially lower your company's Carrier Safety Ratings and that means lower revenues.

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Minimal Investment

EZ-Log can give you a digital advantage without a huge outlay in hardware or software. EZ-Log works with hardware and software you probably already have.
Your existing computers will run EZ-Log perfectly. EZ-Log files are based on Excel, part of Microsoft Office which you probably already are using.

Your driver's probably have laptops. They probably have Office installed and have Internet access. Even if it is only when parked where public WIFI is available. At the ridiculously low price of only $19.95 per seat, even your greenest drivers can easily afford EZ-Log.

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Suggested Workflow

Your drivers use EZ-Log to finish out their daily paper logs. At designated (by you) intervals drivers submit copies of their EZ-Log files for the Safety Department to review. Driver submissions can be by email, copying files to thumb drives, or, uploading to your FTP server.

The Safety Department staff compares the paper copies with driver's EZ-Log files. Since EZ-Log is designed to inform drivers of violations, your auditor(s) can also easily see HOS and other violations.

Using EZ-Log could cut auditing times down from days or weeks to mere hours. Time is money!
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Custom Plans

Each fleet is different and what is right for your company may not be the right fit for all companies. LIke you, we are also a small company. We don't believe in the one size fits all business model. Because we are small, we are flexible and can provide custom solutions to fit your specific needs. Please contact us if you would like more information on how EZ-Log could help your company's Safety and Compliance Program.
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EZ-Log For Fleets

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EZ-Log was developed by a real driver who uses EZ-Log every day to make his life easier. Find out more in the About tab.

Fine Print

EZ-Log works on any Windows or Mac computer that has Microsoft Office or Excel installed. See our FAQ for more information.
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