• Why Buy EZ-Log?
    Save Big With Special Pricing

    EZ-Log Now Only $19.95!

    You can't touch any other program to help with paper logbooks for anything near $19.95!

    With EZ-Log you get these amazing features:

    • Super Easy to use Grid
    • Mileage Calculator
    • Average Speed Calculation
    • Recap for the 70 Hour Rule
    • Reset Checker
    • EZ-Log files for 3 years included!
    • No annual fees for "refills"
    • Easily modify EZ-Log files for years after 2013
    EZ-Log Crushes "Logbook Days From Hell"

    Crush Logbook Days From Hell

    EZ-Log is fast and easy. Even on those days your dispatcher has you doing a dozen Drop & Hooks. You know the ones. Your eyes are crossed before you are half-way through finishing out your logbook.

    EZ-Log makes any kind of day a snap to finish out. You'll be eating supper, snoozing or watching your favorite show before you know it.
    Just Say "No" To Excess Work

    Demolish Excess Work

    Computers are great at performing simple tasks over and over. We engineered EZ-Log to harness your computer's power to eliminate having to do things twice.

    When something is needed in more than one place, EZ-Log takes over for you and copies the information to the second location for you.

    Some Examples

    Like only having to enter the start date once and EZ-Log fills in all dates for the rest of the year! Or, resetting the dates for your Recap - that only requires one entry for the next 90 days! When you enter today's ending hub reading, EZ-Log copies the reading to tomorrow's starting hub. Less keyboard work means fewer errors!
    EZ-Log - Your Personal Logbook Genius

    Pure Genius?

    Ever try to be a Genius when you are tired, hungry or stressed?

    Pure Cottage Cheese!

    Sometimes after a long day on the road our brain feels like cottage cheese. And, it works about as well. Finishing out a logbook feels a bit like rocket science some days.

    So, even when you aren't at the top of your Mental Game, EZ-Log can step in and be your Personal Logbook Genius.
    EZ-Log Stomps Out Logbook Violations

    Don't gamble!

    You worked long and hard to get your CDL. Protect your CDL and career with EZ-Log.

    Got Violations?

    If you have lots of logbook violations, D.O.T. has a plan for you. They see you pushing a broom, sitting in an office, or in the unemployment line. They don't see you behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. Unless it's being the lot jockey at the Truck Wash.

    Stomp Out Violations!

    EZ-Log has amazing tools for perfect calculations. The Grid, Average Speed Calculator, Reset Wizard and 70 Hour Recap all stomp out potential logbook violations coming from math errors.
    EZ-Log Turns You Into A Time Management Ace

    Totally Informed

    EZ-Log's 70 Hour Recap keeps you totally informed about how many hours you have available to drive today and tomorrow.

    But wait, there's more!

    The 70 Hour Recap also shows you the future. You can see things like when hours start "falling off" and you start getting hours back. This is a great tool to help you become a real time management ace.

    Become An Ace

    The 70 Hour Recap helps you make educated decisions about things like whether you should take that load or pass because you won't have the hours. It also lets you know early when there could be a problem with hours so you can talk to your dispatcher, broker or your customer. We all hate last minute surprises.
    EZ-Log Will Never Leave You Feeling Helpless

    Built by Drivers, for Drivers

    We drive. We use EZ-Log and some very expensive software for things like graphics and web design. Nothing is worse than finding out some expensive software sends you to a web page when you need help now.

    When Help is No Help

    Like most drivers, we find ourselves in many places with no WIFI. That means No Help when software forces you depend on the Internet to get Help.

    The Best Help

    So, we include extensive documentation and help with EZ-Log. You don't need an Internet connection to get answers when you have questions. We provide multiple kinds of Help to make learning and using EZ-Log easy.
    • Read Me Files
    • Full User Guide
    • Built in Help Tab
    • Reusable Tutorial
    • Plus Much More

    Constant Improvement

    Our Help files are constantly being improved and updated. When users have problems our Help doesn't address, we revise and update our documentation.
    CANEI - Our Middle Name

    CANEI = "Constant And Never Ending Improvement"

    We passionately believe in creating the very best Logbook software for drivers using paper logbooks. Part of that passion involves searching for ways to make our software faster or easier for you to use.

    Burning the Midnight Oil

    We spend many hours, sometimes into the wee hours. Whenever inspiration strikes us in refining and improving EZ-Log. We want your experience with EZ-Log to be the best possible.
    Can EZ-Log Replace My Paper Logbook?

    EZ-Log Does Not Replace Paper Logbooks

    EZ-Log is not an Electronic Logbook. EZ-Log is a tool that supplements paper logbooks. EZ-Log lets you keep the simplicity of your paper logbook while adding many features that would only be available in more expensive software or dedicated hardware type logbooks.

    With EZ-Log you get:

    • Computer Speed in finishing out your daily log
    • Computer Accuracy in math, date and time calculations
    • Computer Shortcuts for simplifying logbook chores like the Recap and Reset Wizard
    • Computer Ease in completing simple repetitive tasks like dates and mileage
    Got Time?

    Fast & Easy!

    EZ-Log is fast and easy. Having your logbook done in under five minutes is a thrill. If you never have enough time, EZ-Log can give you more time for yourself. You deserve it!

    Benefit from our five years of refinement out there. With EZ-Log, you could be spending more time on things you would rather be doing. Plus, you get peace of mind knowing your logs are done right.
  • About Buying EZ-Log
    Where Can I Get a Copy of EZ-Log?

    We thought you would never ask.

    Just hop over to our Online Store to get EZ-Log now.

    Harold - the Sales Guy

    You can also click Harold, our efficient, helpful and polite sales guy in the suit and tie.
    Can I Give Away Copies of EZ-Log?

    Need New Friends?

    Give away or sell copies of EZ-Log and you may meet our attorney, a nice judge and some other really nice people. But, you may not like them as much as we do.

    A Blood Sucker

    Actually our attorney is a cold hearted, blood sucking, sorry excuse for a human being. We don't really like him very much. That's why we hired him. If you ever meet him, you will probably think the same.
    Will EZ-Log Work On My Computer?

    EZ-Log will work great on your computer if you have:

    A Windows PC

    • Running Windows XP or better
    • Microsoft Office is installed, or
    • Microsoft Excel is installed
    • 1 GB of free space (Install is about 14.5 GB)

    A Mac

    • Running Mac OS 10.4.X or better
    • Microsoft Office 2008 or 2011 for Mac is installed, or
    • Microsoft Excel 2008 or 2011 for Mac is installed
    • 1 GB of free space (Install is about 14.5 GB)
    • PPC or Intel processor
    Processor speed is not critical. EZ-Log is not processor or graphics intensive.
    Is It Safe To Buy From the EZ-Log Store?

    We hired PayPal™ to take care of the financial stuff.

    PayPal™ spends millions on security and has a great reputation. PayPal™ uses the highest industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption available. Their servers check your browser to make sure it's compatible with SSL 3.0 or better before you can connect. Besides safety, they make it easy. We like easy. Find out more at PayPal™.

    Your Stuff

    If you must know, none of your information is kept on EZ-Log's servers. Even our Shopping Cart is handled by propeller hat types over at E-Junkie. They are just as focused on security and safety as the folks at PayPal™.

    Millions of people trust PayPal™ and E-Junkie every day for safe and secure eCommerce transactions. We think you can too.
    How Long Do I Have To Wait To Download?

    Mere Seconds

    After your payment is verified by PayPal™ your order is handed over to E-Junkie, our shopping cart service.

    Two Ways to Download

    E-junkie displays a page with a link to your download as soon as PayPal™ verifies the transaction.

    You will also get an email from E-Junkie which contains a download link. Be sure to save this email. You will be able to use this link if you need to download EZ-Log again.

    Note that the links expire after 5 attempts to download. So, make sure you have a reliable Internet connection before downloading!
    What Should I Do if My Download Didn't Finish?

    Resume - Your Digital Friend

    If your download was interrupted you can resume downloading through your Internet browser. This usually means that your wireless connection was blocked or your time expired.


    If you are downloading from a public WIFI source like a paid connection at a truck stop, you may need to move your truck to a location where the antenna isn't blocked when other trucks drive between you and the service antenna.

    If your paid connection expired, purchase more time and resume your download.

    Download Speed

    Our experience with a fast connection is about 14 seconds. Yes, we are braggarts!

    Most download managers will give you a time estimate to complete the download. If the estimate is more than a couple of hours, you may have a very slow connection or lots of clients are using the local network. Be patient.


    If the estimated time is in days, you may want to try again at a faster WIFI location or when you are at home if you have a high speed connection.

    You may need to use the link in the email. Keep in mind there is a 5 attempt limit on your download!

    I Get An Error Message When I Try To Download?

    Download Attempt Limit Exceeded?

    This usually means that you tried more than 5 times to download EZ-Log.

    Go to the contact page and send us an email. Currently, we can only send download links to the email address used when you purchased EZ-Log.

    We Still Drive.

    We don't always have WIFI, and we won't get your message until we can connect. Yes, we still drive. But, we will help you as soon as we can. This is scheduled to change in the very near future. We are investigating ways to improve the level of our customer service.

    Occasionally, when you send us a request for a new download link we may ask you to send additional information to verify that you are the same person who made the original purchase.
  • About Installing EZ-Log
    I Can't Find My Download!

    Your Internet Browser

    EZ-Log downloads through your computer's internet browser. (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) Unless the Property Settings (Preferences on Macs) have been changed, download files are sent to the "Downloads" folder/directory. Check in the Downloads folder first.

    The file name for your download is ezlog.iso.zip.

    Not in Downloads!

    Don't panic. Open your browsers Property/Preferences to see where your browser is putting downloads. Go to that directory/folder to find your download.

    On Windows PCs you can use Find in Windows Explorer to search for your download. On Macs, search in Spotlight.

    Use ezlog.iso.zip for the search term.


    Many people change the download location to the Desktop.
    How Do I Open The Downloaded Files?


    Double-click on ezlog.iso.zip to begin the installation. This will launch your computers' Zip utility. When it is done expanding, you may two files. Some Zip utility programs delete the .zip file after expanding the contents. The expanded file is ez-log.iso.


    Double click to mount this disk image. Inside you will find two files and an EZ-Log folder. After you read the files, drag the EZ-Log folder to your Documents (Macs) or My Documents (Windows) folder inside your Home Directory.


    You just installed EZ-Log.

    Save the ezlog.iso.zip or ezlog.iso file to a safe location on your computer in case you have to reinstall EZ-Log.

    We suggest using the library folder inside the EZ-Log folder you just installed in your My Documents or Documents folder.
    Why Do I Have These Extra Files And Folders?

    Easy Installation

    We want to make installing EZ-Log really easy. Just drag the EZ-Log folder to your Documents or My Documents folder inside your users Home directory and installation is done!

    Before you go any farther, explore the contents of the EZ-Log folder. Get to know the layout of the EZ-Log neighborhood. The extras are there to help you learn and use EZ-Log quickly.

    First Things First

    We know will be anxious to get going with EZ-Log. Your first experiences with EZ-Log will go much smoother if you take some time to use the tutorials. Launch the ezlog_help.xls file by double-clicking on it. It's inside the Help folder.
    How do I Learn to Use EZ-Log?

    Play The Games

    Launch the ezlog_help.xls file by double-clicking on it. It's inside the Help folder.The Tutorial Tab is where you should start, It is designed on a scientific principle called Programmed Learning. Go through each of the short games and you will gain a really great understanding of how EZ-Log works! The only way to learn EZ-Log faster, is a brain transfusion! Ouch!

    Point & Learn With EZ-Log Help

    Click on the Help tab. Move your cursor over pictures of EZ-Log. You will see notes popup under your cursor as you move it around the Help window. Point & Learn is a form of non-linear learning. Later, when you're using EZ-Log you will have questions. Using EZ-Log's Point & Learn in the Help tab will get your questions answered fast!

    Excel in Excel!

    Then take a peek at the Excel Tab to find out how little you have to know about Excel to use EZ-Log. Excel is a monster program. EZ-Log tames the monster. But, it is useful to know about the features EZ-Log uses. Don't worry - it's a short read.

    Keep it Open

    For the first few weeks, keep the ezlog_help.xls file open when you are working with EZ-Log. You will have questions and being able to flip over to ezlog_help.xls will give you instant access to answers.
    How do I Launch ezlog_2011.xlsx (EZ-Log)?


    Just like any other file on your computer, you can just double-click on it and it will open. EZ-Log should open in Microsoft Excel.


    Lots of users like to create a Shortcut and move the Shortcut to the Desktop.

    On my Mac, I just leave EZ-Log running all the time. You can Command-Click on the EZ-Log icon in the Dock and choose Keep in Dock from the popup menu. Then just click the EZ-Log Dock icon for fast launching.
    What Do I Need To Do Before I Begin Using EZ-Log?

    Rock & Roll!

    EZ-Log is ready to Rock & Roll right out of the box. It's easy enough to figure out without much training. Watching the YouTube video may be enough for some of you.


    If you must know, we suggest establishing a beginning odometer and then getting the Recap ready by copying the hours since your last Reset.


    Do yourself a favor and go through the training. That will give you the best possible experience. We include the support files to help make this happen for you.
  • About Using EZ-Log
    How Does EZ-Log's Grid Work?

    Like Pure Magic!

    EZ-Log converts an image of your logbook into numbers and does some math magic to get your daily Duty Status Totals.

    Using Drag & Drop, draw a copy of the grid in your paper logbook in EZ-Log. The Grid looks and works just like your paper logbook. Except for the part about the
    math magic, that is.

    When the Grid lines match your paper log EZ-Log has your daily Duty Status Totals waiting for you to copy to your paper logbook.
    How Does EZ-Log's Mileage Calculator Work?

    It's Slicker than Black Ice.

    EZ-Log remembers yesterday's ending mileage or hub reading and copies that to today's starting mileage. So, you only need to enter today's ending mileage or hub reading.

    This is one of several places we use the amazing ability of computers to save you time and effort. And less typing means fewer errors too!
    How Does The Average Speed Calculator Work?

    It's Like a Teflon Skillet Covered With Bacon Fat!

    The average speed calculation is performed automatically at the same time the Mileage Calculator is figuring out your total miles. So, it's kind of like, instant.

    EZ-Log does all the work on this one.
    How Does The Recap Work?

    Knowledge is Power!

    Always know how much time you have left on your 70 with EZ-Log's Recap.

    Just enter your Total Hours Worked at the end of each day and EZ-Log's Recap updates your hours available. EZ-Log does the rest for you. Instantly see how many hours you have available for tomorrow.

    And, you can actually see when hours begin falling off by looking down the right column. This makes the Recap a powerful time management and problem prevention tool.

    Using EZ-Log's Recap can easily end HOS Violations related to your 70. Your Safety Department manager is going to be bragging about you soon!
    How Does The Reset Checker Work?

    Loose the Calculator and Scratch Pad!

    Easily verify your Resets. Never again wonder if your Reset is valid or, find you violated HOS rules after it's too late.

    Just answer three very simple questions for the Reset Checker and it will either tell you to chill or get back to work. Literally.
    What Kind of Support Do I Get With EZ-Log?

    Abundant Support Included!

    What's your learning style? Do you learn better by doing than reading? Maybe you do best with text instructions or by looking at diagrams.

    We include a huge support system in your EZ-Log download that includes variations to fit any learning style.
    • A Point & Learn Guide
    • A Programmed Learning Tutorial
    • A PDF User Guide
    • An Excel Basics Guide
    Regardless of what style works best for you, we've included one that will work for you. Use all of them to quickly become a EZ-Log guru.
    What is Point & Learn?

    EZ-Log's Point & Learn Guide

    Find answers fast. Forget about knowing technical terms or jargon to just get help. Move your cursor over a picture of EZ-Log and see instructions and explanations for each feature pop up under your cursor.

    This is a great example of non-linear learning. Other help methods force you to skim through paragraphs or indexes until, hopefully, you get lucky and stumble on the answer. With Point & Learn, you go straight to the item you have questions about. Point & Learn is much more efficient.

    Keep the Point & Learn Guide open when using EZ-Log and Help is never more than a click away! Kind of like having one of us sitting over in Shotgun to answer your questions!
    How Does The EZ-Log Interactive Tutorial Work?

    EZ-Log Tutorial

    Learn by doing with the included EZ-Log Tutorial. It's more like a series of quick and easy computer games than a classroom. EZ-Log's Tutorial is based on scientifically proven Programmed Learning. Unlike other study methods, Programmed Learning doesn't feel like work or study. You will quickly absorb EZ-Log skills while it feels more like playing a game.

    So, go ahead, play around with EZ-Log's Tutorial! It's good for your brain!
    What's in the EZ-Log PDF Guide?

    EZ-Log User Guide

    Prefer a textbook style reference? We include a User Guide that's in PDF format. If you don't have a PDF reader on your computer, Adobe distributes their free Acrobat Reader.

    If you are on a Mac, Acrobat Reader is not needed. All recent versions of Mac OS X can open PDF files with no extra software.

    EZ-Log's User Guide is more of a typical text reference. It is set up in sections and features step-by-step instructions for using EZ-Log. Even if you prefer other methods of learning, you will still want to have EZ-Log's User Guide available for reference. Some ideas are best explained in traditional textbook style.

    EZ-Log's Guide's bonus feature is a section that really simplifies HOS Rules. Make things simple and they become easy. Follow the simple rules and get fewer violations.
    What's in the Excel Basics Guide?

    Excel Basics

    Excel could seem like wrestling an 800 pound gorilla. Relax. Out of the literally thousands of features in Excel, the Excel Basics will quickly teach you the handful of Excel basics you will be using in EZ-Log.

    You don't need to be a combustion chamber engineer to drive a Big Truck. And, you don't have to be a software engineer or a geek to run any of EZ-Log's features. Otherwise we would've called it Geeky-Log!

    We cover everything you need to know about Excel to run and understand EZ-Log. It's in simple English - we wrote it an you can't get more simple than that.
    EZ-Log Won't Leave You Empty Handed Next Year!

    We made EZ-Log future proof.

    We did this by giving you EZ-Log files for three years. Then you can use the Disk Image file to copy EZ-Log files and modify these for any future year after that.

    To modify an EZ-Log file, change the name to reflect the year it will be used for. Then enter the month, day and year above the Grid for January first and it's set to go.

    This eliminates having to re-purchase EZ-Log each new year. A one-time purchase that will serve you many years into the future.

Lawyer Stuff

EZ-Log and this site are protected by U.S. and International Copyright Law. All rights reserved. Please don't steal even if our lawyers need your money.


EZ-Log was developed by a real driver who uses EZ-Log every day to make his life easier. Find out more in the About tab.

Fine Print

EZ-Log works on any Windows or Mac computer that has Microsoft Office or Excel installed. See FAQ above for more information.