Clearly DOT, both Federal and States, are paying more attention to what drivers are doing and not doing. Inspectors are looking more at elements under a driver's control such as equipment condition, trip inspections and logbooks.

CSA•2010 & Drivers

Excerpt from U.S. Department of Transportation literature.

"Under CSA-2010 CMV carrier and driver safety performance records will be more important than ever and all safety-based violations from roadside inspections will count, not just OOS violations."

"Some studies indicate that a small segment of the CMV driver population is involved in a disproportionately large number of crashes. As a result, during the CSA-2010 Operational Model Test, FMCSA is expanding its approach to identifying and addressing unsafe drivers during interventions with motor carriers."

What kinds of driver's safety performance data is CSA•2010 looking at?
• Driving while disqualified
• Driving without a valid commercial driver's license
• Making a false entry on a medical certificate
Committing numerous Hours of Service violations
Source, U.S. Department of Transportation, Handout for drivers.
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CSA•2010 & You

Simple math errors could potentially be seen as serious violations. Frequency of violations is an important criteria in determining whether a driver is considered unsafe.

EZ-Log could significantly reduce or eliminate violations stemming from math errors. By reducing the total number of violations, EZ-Log could change you from being classified an unsafe driver to being classified a safe driver under CSA*2010.

More Frequent Inspections

HOS compliance has always been important. CSA•2010 places special emphasis on HOS non-compliance. Statistically, drivers with many HOS violations has a high correlation to crashes. And that puts us all at risk.

CSA•2010 Goals

CSA•2010 intends to identify unsafe drivers and equipment. Many logbook issues can be traced to problems like math errors. This means more than ever, your logbook has to be right!

How EZ-Log Can Help

EZ-Log will help you stay in compliance with rules regarding your logbook if you follow a few simple rules. It will also give you information to help avoid HOS violations.

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CSA 2010 & Drivers