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Where's Your Money?


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PayLog - Coming Soon

PayLog makes keeping track of payments and reimbursements a snap! PayLog is designed for company drivers. It s flexible enough for owner operators.
  • Easy to Use
    PayLog's sleek interface packs many powerful tools under the hood.
  • Fast & Efficient
    PayLog uses computer power for lightening fast results.
  • Instant Help
    Help is never more than a click away.
  • You'll Feel At Home
    PayLog features a simple to use interface
  • Color Codes Helps You Analyze
    PayLog automatically changes colors when you are paid or when a payment is short.
  • Visual Alerts
    Short Payments "stick out like a sore thumb!"
  • Small File Size
    Won't clog up your hard drive. Launches and runs Fast!
  • Works on Windows and Macs
    EZ-Log "Just Works" no matter which OS you are using.
  • Automated Reports
    Track short payments. Track By Trip and By Payroll
  • PayLog's Artificial Intellegence
    PayLog 'remembers' your previous entries and offers shortcuts for frequently used entries.
  • Much More and for only $4.99!
    PayLog has many more features. But, we know you are going to love the low price!
  • Tracks All Income & Reimbursements
    Simple tracking for mileage and hourly pay. Also tracks reimbursable expenses.
  • Easily See What's Been Paid and What Hasn't
    Paid items are tan. Unpaid items are light blue.
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You Need EZ-Log - Now Only $19.95!

EZ-Log is the perfect tool for new CDL Drivers using paper logbooks. EZ-Log is a great tool for Canadian and Mexican drivers who are unfamiliar with US HOS and logbook rules. We must be crazy offering EZ-Log for this ridiculously low price!

EZ-Log - The Right Tool for You!

EZ-Log is the right tool if you are:

  • A Long Haul Commercial Driver
  • Using a Paper Logbook
  • Tired of Manually Finishing Your Paper Log
  • Wanting to Eliminate Logbook Errors & Violations

Here are some compelling reasons you should be using EZ-Log now.

  • EZ-Log Eliminates Common HOS Violations Due to Math Errors
  • EZ-Log Eliminates Logbook Worries at Inspections
  • EZ-Log Makes Time Management a Snap
  • EZ-Log is great for Foreign Drivers Not Used To US Logbook Regulations
  • EZ-Log is a Great Tool For Small Trucking Safety Depeartments
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EZ-Log was developed by a real driver who uses EZ-Log every day to make his life easier. Find out more in the About tab.

Fine Print

EZ-Log works on any Windows or Mac computer that has Microsoft Office or Excel installed. See our FAQ for more information.
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Your Logbook Done in 5 Minutes!

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Logbook Hell?

If you use a paper logbook, you've been there - Logbook Hell!

Nothing comes out right. You have half a bottle of Wite-Out™ drying on your logbook page. The display is flickering on your pocket calculator because it doesn't like crashing into the windshield. Your better-half is on the phone wanting to know when you'll be home to fix the dishwasher and now your dispatcher is calling...

You just drove through some of the worst rush hour traffic ever. Your stomach is screaming, FEED ME!

Been there? We have. Logbook Hell was the inspiration for EZ-Log.

Where's Your Money?

Are you getting paid everything your company owes? With PayLog you will know. PayLog is a sophisticated payment tracking and analysis program for company drivers. Chock full of features to make keeping track of your trips, miles, payments and reimbursements. Toss out that legal pad or those scraps of paper. PayLog will alert you to short and missing payments.

Includes automated reports by trip and by payroll. Short pay alerts appear automatically when you reconcile your pending payments with your paycheck or settlement sheet.